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Is mediation for you?

It’s no secret divorces are usually litigious, aggravating, emotional and expensive undertakings. It’s rare for one party to complete the process and recover everything they sought in the divorce, but one constant recurs in a majority of divorces: both parties … Continue reading

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Divorce in Texas – Alternatives to Litigation

Whether your marriage is in trouble and you are considering divorce, or your divorce is final, disputes can still arise. You can always take your differences to court, but the legal process can be time-consuming and expensive. In addition, the adversarial nature of litigation can make it difficult to maintain the type of relationship that is most beneficial to your minor children. Fortunately, there are alternative means of dispute resolution that allow you to find mutually beneficial ways to resolve your differences, ways that minimize your costs and help you foster a positive relationship. This blog post highlights two of those approaches: divorce mediation and the collaborative approach to divorce. Continue reading

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First Steps in Divorce Mediation in Texas

Divorce mediation is a settlement process in which the ex spouses meet with a neutral third party – the mediator – to resolve the contested issues in a private meeting or series of meetings. Typically the mediation is conducted through … Continue reading

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