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Aggressive Representation in Modifying Court Orders

Without qualified legal counsel, your legal interests can be signed away with the stroke of a pen. Whether you are seeking or challenging a modification of a court order relating to child custody or child support, contact our family law attorneys immediately to protect your rights and discuss your situation.

The Frisco, Texas law firm of Pfister, Borserine & Associates offers aggressive, knowledgeable representation. We serve clients of Collin, Denton, Dallas and Tarrant counties in all modification hearings to:

  • Increase, decrease or end child support
  • Alter standard possession (physical custody)
  • Change visitation / parenting plans
  • Seek sole custody
  • Relocate with the children
  • Increase, reduce or end spousal maintenance (alimony)


The issuing court has jurisdiction over a support or custody order, and that state must waive jurisdiction for a Texas court to modify it. We frequently represent clients in out-of-state orders (e.g., a parent who moves to Texas after divorce, or a Texas parent moving to another state).

Child Custody Modification

Custody or visitation can be modified for substantial changes such as remarriage, new employment, or evidence that the other parent is endangering the child's welfare or not acting in the child's best interests.

  • Parent Relocation - At the time of divorce or custody agreement, Texas places a domicile restriction on the custodial parent. To relocate beyond specified counties or out of state with the children, the parent must convince a judge that it is in the best interests of the child and not an unreasonable hardship for the non-custodial parent. We represent either party in these contentious proceedings. Litigation may result in a win-or-lose outcome, but negotiations may result in a compromise, such as the relocating party agreeing to forego child support or providing airline tickets for the kids to visit the parent left behind.

Child Support Modification

Except for special provisions, you must wait one year to modify court-ordered child support. Modification requires a "material and substantial change" in income, child-rearing expenses, or special needs of the child. Child support is based on gross income of the non-custodial parent. We make sure that all sources of income are accurately reflected, such as income claimed by owners of closely held businesses.

Our experienced family law lawyers will work to find an out of court solution or defend your interests in court. Contact John J. Pfister, Jr. or Charity Borserine at 972-712-6700 for an evaluation of your case.

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