Creating Texas Child Custody And Parenting Plans

For the vast majority of cases, Texas courts presume that some form of joint custody is best for children. That is, the child will live part of the time with both parents who will share parental duties, such as making educational choices or medical decisions.

However, unless the parents agree, one parent will still have the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the child. Usually, the other parent will have a Texas Standard Possession order and pay guideline child support.

The courts often award "standard possession" or primary custody to one parent, with a defined visitation schedule for the other one. The custodial parent is generally barred from moving out of the jurisdiction with the children. Texas courts can give children ages 12 and older the chance to explain which parent they would prefer to live with, but the court makes the final decision.

Courts can have the discretion to allow children younger than 12 to express a preference, and we can help you decide whether or not to ask the court to do so.

Finding Solutions In Your Best Interests

The attorneys at our firm help negotiate child custody agreements involving equal or approximately equal time and decision-making abilities. If the agreement is reached in a mediated settlement agreement, the courts must honor the agreement. We can also act as mediators, provided both parents have an attorney, as counsel in collaborative law negotiation, or in traditional negotiation to create a workable parenting plan.

If a compromise can not be reached, the court will determine custody, visitation and child support. Should that be necessary, we have the trial experience and skills to litigate aggressively on your behalf to protect your rights.

Paternity, Grandparents' Rights And Adoption

We have experience in paternity and various custody claims of mothers, fathers, grandparents or other individuals seeking visitation rights or sole or joint custody. We also represent grandparents and other family members who intervene in CPS suits to seek custody of the children caught up in a CPS suit.

In certain cases, courts may award as set possession order to grandparents in cases. We handle uncontested stepparent adoptions and private adoptions to help clients overcome any legal barriers. Additionally we handle contested adoption and private termination suits for individuals.

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