Protecting Your Texas Child Support Case

Our roots are in family law. We have a detailed understanding of the child support guidelines in Texas. Our family law attorneys know the legal grounds for deviating up or down from guideline child support levels.

We also are experienced at finding someone's real income to properly set child support.

Experienced Texas Child Support Lawyers

We can explain how the court determines child support in Texas. The level of child support may be increased or decreased based on qualifying factors, such as:

  • Amount of possession of the child
  • Day care expenses
  • Ability of parents to pay those needs
  • Special medical or educational needs of the child
  • A parent's obligations to other children

Child support typically stops at age 18 or when the child graduates from high school, though it can be indefinite for special needs children. If parenting time is a true 50/50 split, the support order may be adjusted to reflect both parent's incomes.

Modifications And Enforcement Work

At Pfister & Associates, we handle child support modification when circumstances change, such as a job loss or a promotional job opportunity overseas. Our family law attorneys also aggressively help enforce child support orders when either side fails to pay their support obligation, including medical support. We can assist with child support liens, wage garnishments and enforcement actions seeking to hold the nonpaying parent in contempt

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