The Joy Of Adoption

We tailor our approach around clients' unique needs — instead of offering a one-size-fits-all strategy. Adoption is a joyful experience for families but can be overwhelming and life-changing. We will be with you when you need us.

At Pfister & Associates, we are an aggressive yet compassionate family law firm. As your Frisco adoption lawyers, we are well-prepared to help you demonstrate how an adopted child will benefit as a member of your family.

Guiding Clients In Stepparent Adoptions

The lawyers at our firm understand the unique dynamics of families. We have a strong background working with clients interested in stepparent adoption. The legal process is pretty straightforward in situations when the child's biological parent has passed away.

Stepparent adoption is much more complicated when a biological parent refuses to terminate their parenting rights. We show how the biological parent has dropped out of the child's life. We prove abandonment by showing situations such as:

  • Lack of child support payments for six months
  • Failure to contact and develop a relationship with the child for six months

In some situations, biological mothers or fathers are willing to terminate their parenting rights, so they can avoid paying child support. We are prepared to guide you through the legal process at any stage in stepparent adoptions. We can help with kin or relative adoptions as well.

Foster Care Adoption

Attorney Charity Borserine has a strong background helping families adopt foster children. She has an extensive background working with Child Protective Services, and she has a clear understanding of the sensitive issues around foster care adoptions. She shows how the child's best interests are to live permanently with the foster family and escape any neglect or abuse from their biological parents.

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