Top 10 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Specialization. John J. Pfister, Jr. is certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has 25 years of experience in family law. Charity Borserine each offer more than 15 years of legal experience.

2. Our profound CPS knowledge. Charity's extensive work with child protective services (CPS) gives her an added insight into the courts and what is required of parents dealing with CPS. She can help Parents fight CPS to regain their children or she also works with parents who have made positive changes in their lives to show the court that they are now ready to actively parent. When returning the children is not a feasible option, we represent grandparents or other family members to obtain custody of the children caught up in a CPS lawsuit.

3. Our focus and deep commitment to family law. Along with certification and CPS experience, John and Charity, have more than 40 years of combined family law experience and have worked together in Frisco, Texas for more than 15 years. While many firms will take your family law case, very few firms have the concentrated focus and experience of John and Charity.

4. We are aggressive and tenacious. When it comes to advocating for our client we put forth a full effort. We also work as a team. When you hire one of us you hire both of us and get the benefit of all of our attorneys.

5. We are accessible and responsive. At Pfister & Associates, we put your needs first. This means finding the most efficient and effective path to a resolution, or ensuring the best interests of you and your children by taking the matter to the courts.

6. We are experienced in the full scope of family law matters. We handle both simple and complex divorce, prenups, child custody, support and visitation. Our practice is fully vested in adoption including stepparent adoption, kinship or relative adoption, and grandparent's adoption as well as modifications, enforcement and paternity.

7. We are accessible. Our Frisco office located in Collin County is near the Denton County and Collin County line. We also regularly serve clients throughout the North Texas area.

8. We are responsive. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will make the time to see you after hours or on weekends. Simply call us at 972-712-6700 or send us an email and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

9. We are compassionate. We understand firsthand what a challenging divorce is like financially, spiritually and emotionally.

10. We are here for you. We are your Frisco family law attorneys and our motto is "Attitude is Everything."