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Could you be derailing your own divorce?

Divorces can be fraught with complications. That doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be, however. Especially when a spouse makes errors that weaken their own standing in the case.

It happens more often than one might think — likely because divorce is a traumatic event, and having to cope with the trauma makes many people less able to manage their legal positions. Read on to learn more about the common errors to avoid in divorce.

Grandparents, formalize your custody agreements

If you look around at many Frisco families, you might notice that you are seeing many older parents with young children. Are couples waiting longer to start their families these days?

Not exactly. What at first glance appears to be a traditional family unit is often a set of grandparents rearing their children's kids. The national opioid crisis has hit the Texas heartland particularly hard. Families have been fractured by addiction and decimated by overdoses. All of this has led to a lost generation whose children must be taken in by family members or raised by foster families.

Divorce mediation can save couples money and time

Divorcing Texas couples may be able to settle all or many of their issues using mediation rather than litigation. Mediation can definitely be cheaper and faster, but it is by no means appropriate for all couples in every situation.

If you plan to divorce, mediation can be a viable option. But before initiating any proceedings, it's important to take an honest look at the situation between you and your spouse.

5 tips to get ready for divorce

There is no way around it, divorce is complicated. It typically requires days, weeks or even months of decision-making and negotiating. For instance, you and your husband may have to divide bank accounts, retirement accounts, the family home in Frisco, work out a custody arrangement for the children and even decide which one of you gets the dog. With the sheer complexity involved in getting divorced, it is vital to take the time to properly prepare.

By planning or organizing, you can go into your divorce with much less stress and you may even be able to reduce the time it takes to get through the process. Here are five essential tips to help you prepare for your divorce.

Do you know the answers to these divorce mediation questions?

The divorce process is typically full of twists and turns, all of which can add more stress to your life. While there are divorce cases that eventually end up in court, you shouldn't assume this will happen.

With the help of divorce mediation, you can work through all your issues with the idea of putting your marriage in the past once and for all.

Child custody, summer vacation and keeping things friendly

Summer vacation is one of the best times to kick back and relax with your loved ones.

If you're divorced and have intentions of vacationing with your child this summer, it's important to follow a few key tips with an eye toward avoiding a disagreement with your ex-spouse.

Parenting plans must be considered carefully

The backbone of a child custody arrangement is the parenting plan. It provides all of the information the parents need to handle situations that might come up during the child's life. This plan should be as detailed as possible, but it should also provide some flexibility for the terms so that the children have what they need to thrive.

One of the most trying issues that parents going through a divorce have to deal with is coming up with the terms of this plan. The mediation process can be helpful when working out these terms, but you still need to make sure that you are prepared for what's to come. Here are some suggestions to help you:

How will divorce affect the business you own?

Even in ideal circumstances, divorce is rarely simple or easy, but it can prove devastating for a business owner and the employees and others who depend on income from the business. Although divorce is the dissolution of a personal relationship, it also has far-reaching implications for both spouses' financial and business concerns, often creating surprisingly complex legal conflicts.

If you own a business and also face divorce, the business may not survive the divorce if you do not make its survival your top priority. Businesses often qualify as marital property in divorces. For Texas business owners, this often means that their spouse has a strong claim to half of their owned value in the business, just as a spouse might claim half of the value of a marital home. 

Is your child’s other parent interfering with your rights?

Learning to work with your child's other parent in a custody arrangement is rarely a simple process. In most cases, even well meaning parents find it difficult to operate within the guidelines of their custody arrangement entirely. Also, finding a reliable pattern for sharing parenting time can take a number of months before both parents get comfortable with the arrangement. Many facets may affect this process, such as the age and needs of your child, and any ongoing conflicts between you and your child's other parent.

While it is certainly normal to experience some conflict when sharing custody, some intentional or even negligent behavior from either parent is simply unacceptable. If one parent takes actions or refuses to take action in a way that affects the other parent's court appointed time with a child, the court may see this as parenting time interference, which is a serious violation.

Divorcing? Get your spouse's collections valuated

Although few couples realize it, there are such things as "good" divorces. Their common theme is a lack of contentious battles and attempts to get over on one spouse by the other.

Sadly, there are far too many ugly divorce battles where couples have so much animosity against one another that they can't even agree on how to split the spoils of their bad marriages. If your divorce tends to fall into the latter category, you may find the following information useful.

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