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December 2011 Archives

Fathers and Divorce in Texas

In a divorce, fathers are often given short shrift and do not realize that they have custody rights. Despite the trend in recent years of granting joint custody to parents, the family courts often display more sympathy towards the mother. And fathers bear the financial responsibilities of spousal support, child support and other related expenses while having limited time with their children. Non-custodial fathers have little control and influence over their children's day to day life and are at the mercy of the court-determined visitation schedule just to see their children. This model of child custody has given birth to a father's rights movement which seeks to provide fathers with a larger and more active role in their children's life.

Dealing with Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas

The Child Protective Services (CPS) division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect. However, some CPS workers engage in intimidation, deception, and harassment in order to gain information and bully families they believe are uncooperative or question their authority. As a result, CPS has a reputation for "snatching" kids and targeting families in order to settle scores that have more to do with flexing CPS institutional muscle than with protecting children.
What, then, should you do if you are approached by CPS agents?

Frisco, Texas Estate Planning & Divorce Lawyers

When couples decide to divorce, it might not initially occur to them to re-evaluate their estate plan. For example, if you have a simple will or healthcare directive granting power of attorney to your spouse, you will probably want to change your will and select someone else. Likewise, if during your marriage you bequeathed certain heirlooms or established a trust fund for your spouse, you will need to change your estate plan to reflect your current situation. Even if you've made pertinent changes but have remarried, you will still need to update your will or trust to ensure assets are distributed to the people you care about.

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