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August 2012 Archives

Grandparent's Rights in Texas

When Your Children Divorce-Your Rights as a Grandparent in Texas

When your child divorces, particularly when they don't get custody of their minor children, you can be put in the most heartbreaking position of all. You love your grandchildren like they were your own children. You have built strong bonds, and a relationship that provides security, joy and meaning for both of you. All that can end in an instant. Furthermore, because you are not a party to the divorce, you can find it difficult to pursue legal action to protect your relationship. This blog post addresses the rights of grandparents after divorce proceedings in Texas.

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Getting a Divorce in Texas? Should You Also Be Considering Filing for Bankruptcy?

It's common knowledge that one of the leading causes of marital strife, and of divorce, is financial problems. Whether you are seeking a divorce or have been served with a divorce complaint, you may need to get a fresh financial start as well as a new emotional beginning. The timing of a bankruptcy petition can have a significant impact on the resolution of a divorce proceeding. This blog post addresses some of the concerns you may have regarding the interrelationship between divorce and bankruptcy.

Your Rights in a Paternity Dispute in Texas

Why You Want to Establish Paternity

If you are unmarried, but have children, you should consider taking the steps to establish paternity, to protect both your rights and the rights of your child. In the state of Texas, the child of an unmarried couple has no legal father until there is a determination of paternity. A court cannot order the payment of child support without a determination of paternity. A non-custodial dad has no rights to visitation or custody until paternity is established. In many instances, a child may not receive benefits under a father's insurance plan until paternity is demonstrated. Government programs, such as Social Security and veteran's benefits, may be unavailable without a showing of paternity.

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