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Is your child’s other parent interfering with your rights?

Learning to work with your child's other parent in a custody arrangement is rarely a simple process. In most cases, even well meaning parents find it difficult to operate within the guidelines of their custody arrangement entirely. Also, finding a reliable pattern for sharing parenting time can take a number of months before both parents get comfortable with the arrangement. Many facets may affect this process, such as the age and needs of your child, and any ongoing conflicts between you and your child's other parent.

Abusers can track your digital footprints

Some marriages are beyond repair. That's nearly always the case when there have been episodes of domestic violence in the relationship. Abusive partners can change, but they must want to change their behaviors and also be willing to do the therapeutic work, often for the long haul. Most domestic abusers aren't willing to alter their aberrant behavior because they use the lame excuse that their partners drove them to act abusively towards them.

Fair but not necessarily equal asset division in divorce

One of the main concerns with divorcing spouses is how to divide the assets they have worked together to attain. Property that was once considered joint now needs to be separated, but not every asset can easily be split. Also, Texas is a community property state, which means that community property, such as money or your home, is considered marital property.

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