Complex Property Division

Your Advocates In Marital Property Division

If you are considering divorce or if papers have already been served, division of the marital estate can quickly become the focus of litigation. Contact Pfister Family Law of Frisco, Texas, for aggressive legal advocacy to protect your interests. We have extensive experience in property settlements in divorce involving large, complex estates.


Attorney John J. Pfister, Jr. is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization with over 27 years of legal experience. We represent divorcing women and men in Collin County and Denton County and throughout the North Dallas area in division of property and related issues such as child support and spousal maintenance.


Characterization of assets is a common bone of contention in marital property division. We make sure that all jointly held property that should be considered part of the estate is on the table, while protecting separate assets of our clients.

We advise clients regarding reimbursement claims and waste claims, and particularly the complex issues involving appreciation of retirement funds and other assets during the marriage (and after divorce). Similarly, we sort out issues relating to debts that pre-existed the marriage, issues related to wasting of community assets on drugs, gambling and extramarital affairs, and liabilities incurred or assets acquired without the other spouse's knowledge.

Pfister Family Law uses outside experts as necessary to support our clients' characterization of assets and ensure an equitable division. We are adept at all aspects of asset division and complex property division in divorce cases. This includes evaluations of:

  • The marital homestead
  • Other real estate (rental property, vacation homes, timeshares)
  • Closely held businesses
  • Securities, stock options and deferred compensation
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions

We also are attuned to divorce asset-protection strategies commonly employed to skirt the law, and use sophisticated means to identify hidden assets.

Using the most up-to-date rulings regarding community property in Texas, we propose a fair settlement of marital property (not necessarily 50/50). If an acceptable division cannot be negotiated, our attorneys are thoroughly prepared and fully equipped to litigate the matter.


Spousal support (alimony) is not often granted regardless of the length of the marriage or disparity in incomes. Many factors come into play in deciding to award maintenance including if the spouse is disabled. The experienced family law attorneys at Pfister Family Law can address monthly spousal maintenance in negotiations, or win in a trial.


Contact Pfister Family Law in Frisco to ensure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly by the court. Contact us online or call us. Our phones are answered day or night at (972) 370-5172 and we respond promptly to arrange a consultation, including evening and weekend appointments. We serve the entire Frisco area including Plano, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Denton and more.

Trusted Recommendations

  • “John Pfister is by far the best Family Law Attorney in Frisco. He has represented my husband in his custody case (ongoing) as well as getting final orders in my custody case. He keeps in touch, keeps ...”

    - R.P.
  • “John Pfister has been an exceptional family attorney for me during some seriously tumultuous times. My ex and I have gone through two different modifications (for reasons I will not go into). John ...”

    - Christian
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    - Craig
  • “John Pfister has been an exceptional family attorney for me during some seriously tumultuous times. My ex and I have gone through two different modifications (for reasons I will not go into). John ...”

    - Christian J.

What Makes Pfister Family Law?

  • We Always Think in Terms of Resolution
  • We Offer Child Custody and Parenting Agreements
  • We Prepare Each Case for the Possibility of a Jury Trial
  • We Commit to Constantly Adding to Our Legal Knowledge
  • We Strive to Be Responsive, Attentive and Compassionate