McKinney County Child Custody Attorneys

McKinney County Child Custody Attorneys

Dedicated Legal Assistance Fighting for You and Your Children

When parents divorce or separate, child custody becomes a paramount issue to be settled. The outcome of your case has a direct effect on you, your child, and your parent-child relationship, making it imperative to recruit legal counsel that can defend your best interests.

At Pfister Family Law, we have decades of experience handling child custody cases for our clients. We know the system and will work tirelessly to protect your parental rights.

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How Texas Courts Decide on Custody

If you and your ex are on good terms, you may opt to draft your custody schedule together. To do so, you would work with our attorneys, your coparent, and your coparent’s lawyer to negotiate the terms of your agreement. If you can reach an accord, the judge will accept and enforce it. If not, the case is left to the court to decide.

Texas courts aim to keep both parents involved in their kid’s upbringing, as it is typically best for the child. As such, judges typically opt to name parents as joint managing conservators with equal authority to make medical and educational decisions. Still, only one parent can have the right to determine the child’s residence. In such a case, the parent without primary custody will usually receive a Standard Possession Order outlining their visitation rights. In addition, they are generally required to pay child support.

What Judges Consider in Custody Cases

A child’s best interest is at the center of all custody decisions. To determine how to best protect the child’s emotional and physical wellbeing, courts consider:

  • Any history of domestic violence
  • Any history of either parent struggling with substance abuse
  • The ability of each parent to care for the child
  • The child’s preference, if 12 or older
  • The financial standing of each parent
  • The living situations of each parent
  • The relationships each parent has with the child

These are only some of the many factors a court will consider when deciding on custody. There is no standard formula that judges refer to when ruling on custody, making it even more important to hire a skilled McKinney County child custody lawyer to fight for your rights.

Behaviors to Avoid During a Child Custody Battle

It’s important to be a reliable and respectful guardian preceding, during, and following your case. The following actions could paint a negative image of you and hinder your likelihood of receiving a generous custody allowance:

  • Damaging your ex’s property
  • Fighting with your ex
  • Interrupting your kid’s usual schedule
  • Posting pictures of you excessively partying
  • Speaking poorly of your ex
  • Taking your children out of town without notifying your ex

McKinney County Child Custody Lawyers

Our attorneys can help you fight for a custody agreement that works for you and your child. We can represent you in negotiation or litigation, and will advocate for your best interests throughout the entirety of the case.

Contact our McKinney County child custody attorneys to discuss your case: (972) 370-5172.

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  • “John Pfister has been an exceptional family attorney for me during some seriously tumultuous times. My ex and I have gone through two different modifications (for reasons I will not go into). John ...”

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What Makes Pfister Family Law?

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