Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Just for the Wealthy

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Like an urban legend, people are misinformed about prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement is a mechanism for couples to take control of their future and ensure that expectations are agreed to before entering a marriage.

If a prenuptial is not in place when something goes wrong, you leave your fate to the law and a judge to decide. With someone else making those important decisions about support, division of property and children (if you have any), you are at the mercy of a court. A prenuptial agreement can put you in control of those decisions. By discussing those types of decisions and creating a prenuptial agreement, you may avoid costly litigation and control your own future.

To be enforceable, a prenuptial must be fair to both parties and requires full disclosure. Isn't it better to discuss issues with the person you love (and who loves you), then to wait until you have bitter feelings about each other? A prenuptial agreement is not a condemnation of marriage. On the contrary, it can solidify a marriage by ensuring both party's expectations are in sync with each other.

A prenuptial agreement or at least a discussion of topics that should be covered by a prenuptial agreement ensures that both of you have a common vision of the future regarding work, raising children and other events that could impact your marriage.

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