Texas Divorce Attorneys Using Private Investigators to Prove Your Case

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While cooperative approaches to divorce, such as collaborative collaborative divorce and mediated divorce, are up-trending, the sad truth is that many divorces are contentious, litigated cases. Prevailing in a divorce battle in court requires compelling and admissible evidence provided by credible witnesses and documented facts. And the use of private investigators is often key in establishing facts that are difficult to prove otherwise.

In difficult cases, texas divorce attorneys often turn to private investigators to:

  • Substantiate adultery
  • Document unsafe or harmful practices relative to child custody
  • Locate hidden financial and other assets
  • Prove false statements about income and employment

A skillful private investigator is licensed and trained to root out the truth and the facts of a case and can be an invaluable asset. However, not all private investigators are created equally and you should look for an investigator who is experienced, has a good reputation, and can work in tandem with your Texas divorce attorney. If you hire an investigator before consulting with your attorney you may end up wasting time and money by obtaining evidence that is not relevant or even admissible. By working with your attorney to locate the right private investigator you can ensure that the right strategy is employed to obtain the credible evidence your case requires.

Private investigators are often used by skilled attorneys for numerous functions including:

  • Locating witnesses
  • Serving subpoenas
  • Documenting fraudulent statements/actions
  • Surveillance

Discuss Using a Private Investigator with Your Texas Divorce Attorney

A private investigator can be the best witness in your case but he or she needs guidance from your attorney on how to collect relevant and admissible evidence to prove your case. Contact Pfister Family Law online or call (972) 370-5172 today to discuss your case.

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