Dividing Marital Assets under the Community Property Laws in Texas

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Understanding Your Property Rights in a Divorce in Texas

You may know that Texas is a community property state, but you may be uncertain exactly what that means. This blog post provides an overview of the Texas community property laws so that you can get a sense of what your rights are during a divorce.

The Basics of Community Property

Under Texas laws, marital property is divided into two categories: separate property and community property. Separate property includes:

  • All real and personal property owned before your marriage
  • Any real or personal property obtained through gift or inheritance, regardless of when it was acquired
  • All damage awards recovered for personal injury claims during the marriage, except for compensation for lost wages or income
  • Any property exchanged for the above items

Community property is defined as all other property acquired during the marriage. For purposes of the community property laws, it does not matter if only one spouse has possession of the property, or if only one spouse is named on the title or account. In addition, retirement funds accrued during the marriage are community property, as is any sum paid for or asset received in exchange for personal services. Furthermore, it is presumed that an asset is community property unless you can show that it is a separate property by clear and convincing evidence.

The Division of Community Property

Though in most situations, community property is divided equally, the law does not require an even distribution. Instead, the law states that community property shall be distributed in a "just and right " manner. The court can take many factors into consideration, including the differences in earnings of each spouse, the nature of the property involved, and whether or not one of the parties was at fault for the marital breakup (was there marital infidelity or some other just cause for divorce?)

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