Coparenting Resources: Taking a Cooperative Approach to Custody and Visitation

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Many couples stay married "for the sake of the children." However, if you are ending your marriage, and you share joint children, your relationship with your ex will never really end. Except in rare circumstances, you will need to continue to communicate about issues like finances, education, health, extracurricular activities, travel, and college.

Divorced parents often really struggle to communicate calmly with one another about their joint children. This is especially true when disagreements about child-rearing were one of the primary causes of divorce in the first place. The struggle to communicate calmly and logically with your ex is a worthy struggle, however, and your joint children will benefit from your efforts.

Co-parenting resources can be found all over the Internet, including co-parenting calendars where you and your ex can share scheduling information about your joint child to forums where you can brainstorm solutions to co-parenting challenges with other divorced parents.

  • The Office of the Texas Attorney General publishes this detailed guide to co-parenting: "For Our Children: Learning To Work Together"
  • The Texas Young Lawyers Association publishes a video called "Caught In The Crossfire" to emphasize how strongly divorce impacts children and to push divorced parents to try their hardest to work cooperatively together.
  • The article "Co-Parenting" on describes the impact of divorce on children and also describes different models of co-parenting, from "perfect pals" to "dissolved duos"

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