How Intrusive Can a Divorce Court Judge Be?

Scales of Justice

Is it possible for a judge to order a father of nine children who is behind on child support payments to stop having more children until he can demonstrate that he is able to provide for them financially? It sounds like the government intruding into a person's seriously private life, right?

But that's exactly what happened for Corey Curtis, 44, who has fathered nine children with six different women. Wisconsin Family Court Judge Tim Boyle instructed Corey Curtis, 44, instructed him to stop having children until he can pay for them. He stopped short of ordering him sterilized, which is considered unlawful government intrusion.

Just wait, there's more. A recent New York Law Journal reported that a deadbeat dad in Clinton County was put on a budget for "egregious" violation of court orders until he pays off the $14,000 in way past due child support. In this case, Thomas M., the father, is not allowed to "purchase, lease, or rent" anything from alcohol to tobacco products to electronic devices to guns to camping equipment to hotel rooms to RVs and even movies!

Truly, just how intrusive can a divorce court judge legally be? What rights does the judge have to tell you what to do and how to live? Evidently, when it comes to not paying child support that is ordered by the court, the judge has a lot of leeways. They can even have you thrown in jail for contempt of a court order of child support.

The judge in the budget case cited specific Family Court Acts that allowed the recalcitrant father on probation. When it comes to the best interest of the children in question, the court has a very long arm.

If you believe that you are going to fall behind in your support payments, it might be wise to seek counsel with an attorney. Do not wait until you are months behind. The law has a way of catching up with those in violation of court orders, fair or not, it's the way the family law system works.

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