What Does Back-to-School Custody and Visitation Look Like During Normal Times?

back-to-school custody and visitation

Working Out Custody and Visitation Arrangements During the School Year

Back-to-school custody and visitation can be challenging even when there isn't a pandemic. You and the other parent need to coordinate and make a joint effort so your children's lives can go as smoothly as possible. Ordinary circumstances affect how you spend time with and care for your children.

Parent's Jobs

Depending on the type of work you and the children's other parent do, work schedules may determine child possession arrangements. The Texas Family Code refers to child custody as conservatorship and uses the term possession to refer to having custody of the child.

Ideally, the parent with primary custody would be able to pick up or drop off the child at school. Some parents may be able to have neighbors or friends who are dropping off their children drop off yours as well. Or, it may be better that the parent whose schedule enables them to pick up the children after school would spend visitation until the other parent comes home from work. If the child is old enough to drive to school, drop off and pick up may not be an issue.

Locations of Schools and Parents

Clearly, if parents live far apart or far away from the school, custody and visitation can be affected. Typically, the parent who lives far away would spend a block of time to eliminate extra travel. For example, it may be more practical for the parent living farther away to have the children on weekends and for the parent living closer to the school to have custody on weekdays. Typically, if children remain in the family home with a parent and continue going to the same school, that parent would have physical custody of the children. However, courts often also award joint physical custody to both parents.

Do You Have Questions About Back-to-School Custody and Visitation?

It is wise to address your questions and concerns in a consultation with a family law attorney. Our lawyers at Pfister Family Law have years of experience and can help you make the right decisions.

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